Graduate Profile

Our Graduates:

  • Have a well-rounded general education certified by a Polish Matura High School Diploma, can make conscious and well-informed decisions on whether and when to continue their education;
  • Are well-prepared to start their career and capable of being their own boss;
  • Deftly and efficiently use computers, have firm theoretical foundations and enough practical skill to teach themselves to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape;
  • Are industrious and enterprising, know what they want, know how to make an action plan and follow through, are responsible for themselves and for the tasks they take on;
  • Know two foreign languages, at least one of them fluently;
  • Have highly developed soft skills:
    • Are keen observers of the reality that surrounds them, recognize the imperfections of the existing state of affairs, seek innovative solutions and implement them,
    • Are team players, know how to plan, share tasks and prevent conflicts,
    • Try to be equally effective and ethical in everything they undertake,
    • Have accurate self-esteem, set themselves ambitious but realistic goals, know how to select co-workers and are aware of the risks associated with addictions,
    • Their motives are not selfish – they can derive satisfaction from giving, not just taking.