About us

Bednarska Szkoła Realna is a new educational initiative in Poland. Drawing on the tradition of “Bednarska” High School, we offer a 4-year alternative to the dominant model of secondary education. We focus on interdisciplinarity, practical skills, effectiveness and responsibility. In cooperation with entrepreneurs, companies, the Copernicus Science Centre and academic centers, we teach how to learn in an ever-changing world.

At our school Students gain a solid general education, knowledge and professional skills, and learn how to act effectively. We see computer technology as the key to professional training opening the way to one of the three specializations:

– Technology and Computer Science,

– Business and Economics,

– Arts and multimedia.

We train the mind, teach empathy, develop soft skills. We teach how to use the acquired knowledge in action. We want our Graduates to be able to consciously choose the direction of their further education, find or create an inspiring place to work and take responsibility for themselves and others.

Our teaching concept has been approved by a special decision of the Minister of National Education – Bednarska Szkoła Realna has the rights of a public school and a permit for a four-year cycle of education.