Specialized subjects

In terms of specialized subjects, all the first year Students complete the same courses in order to achieve basic knowledge and skills, all the while becoming acquainted with a wide range of digital technologies.

The second grade constitutes a transition period. The Students make initial declarations which specialization they are planning to choose and attend the appropriate workshops during the second semester.

Regardless of the chosen specialization, each freshman and sophomore studies the extended Information Technology curriculum as well as Entrepreneurship 101.

Over the final two years, the Students follow one of the three curricula with subjects including:

  • Business and Economics: Law 101, Economics 101 and Finances 101; Project Management; Marketing; Start-ups; Business English;
  • Technology and Computer Science: Data Algorithms and Structure; programming in C++; Database Application; programming applications for the web and mobile devices; programming in PHP; Introduction to Automatics and Robotics; Advanced Internet Problems; Operating Systems;
  • Arts and Multimedia: Image Awareness – understanding art and media, Classic Fine Arts Techniques; Images Creation – photography, advanced raster and vector graphics; Computer Animations; Movie Editing; Filmmaking – creating various forms of movies and managing movie sets.

Each specialized course takes one semester to complete and ends in a practical project accompanied by feedback and a personalized review from the teacher focusing on the acquired skills. The school provides students with an opportunity to take part in professional internships.

A Bednarska Szkoła Realna Student will receive an individual certificate pointing out the specific competences acquired during the specialized courses giving prospective employers detailed information on the graduate’s skills.