An original German language and culture project under the auspices of the Federal Republic of Germany

The offer is addressed at Students starting or continuing their study of the German language, for German enthusiasts as well as those who found the German classes they attended before disappointing.

TOP-KURS was developed by one of our teachers and aims at:

  1. Preparing to actively participate in the German culture by teaching the language as an element of the culture thus enabling the Students to understand and navigate German everyday life;
  2. Achieving the C1 language proficiency level within four years with no prior knowledge of the language – no other course in Poland makes such results possible;
  3. Preparing the Students to pass the DSD 2 (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) exam at the B2/C1 level. Taking the exam is free of charge and takes place inside the school building;
  4. Preparing for the advanced Polish Matura exam based on the Ministry of Education curriculum.

German TOP-KURS consists of:

  1. 8 hours of German classes per week with excellent teachers including 2 hours of conversation with an experienced German instructor. Thanks to so many hours of study real learning actually takes place, as opposed to what happens in several schools where despite pushing on with the curriculum and passing the Matura exam, the graduates are unable to efficiently communicate in German;
  2. A fascinating adventure with the German language and culture;
  3. Highly efficient classes ensured by the combination of an action-oriented learning model and the use of state-of-the-art and diverse work techniques. It is an original method of teaching a foreign language as a different way of thinking, instead of mechanical learning of vocabulary and grammar by heart;
  4. Lessons as collages, a coherent combination of various materials and forms of work, which significantly enhances the attractiveness of the lesson, maintains the level of concentration and facilitates remembering;
  5. Speaking German becomes easy and pleasant: conversation seminars based on video material (a unique, original method of training fluency in speaking, converting theoretical knowledge of the language into practical communication skills). The method excels because of its high attractiveness and effectiveness in vocabulary learning, as well as the development of listening and speaking skills;
  6. An effective recipe for German grammar – understanding, not memorizing! Students are not forced to memorize articles, plural nouns, adjective suffixes or basic forms of irregular verbs, but learn simple linguistic algorithms to acquire linguistic correctness without much effort and in a completely natural way;
  7. Yearly participation in a week-long language and culture seminar ‘Young Berlin’ in the German capital, prepared especially for our Students;
  8. Free learning aids;
  9. Scholarships for the best Students awarded by the PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst);
  10. Our Students’ participation in an exchange program with a German school within the framework of the PASCH Polish-German Youth Cooperation Program;

The DSD 2 certificate:

  1. In accordance with the instruction of the German Conference of Presidents of Universities HRK (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz) of 3 May 2011 and that of the German Ministry of Education of 17 November 2011, the certificate paves the way to studying at all German universities;
  2. Is the most prestigious proof of language competence in general and specialized discourse, including professional and scientific discourse in various specializations;
  3. Gives priority to students of Polish universities in obtaining scholarships in Germany;
  4. Increases the chances for employment both on the Polish and foreign labor market;

Questions can be addressed by e-mail or telephone:

Mariusz A. Kisielewski,
Tel. 603 88 14 19