Compared to what can be seen in the common practice, the role of the school psychologist is completely redefined in the functioning of Bednarska Szkoła Realna. The psychologists help students to shape the so-called soft competencies and support them in their individual development. Their task is to work with educators and the whole teaching team on the improvement of teaching and educational methods. A psychologist conducts regular classes throughout the whole educational cycle, but also supports the Students in their individual and group activities (carrying out team projects and tasks, the E2 program, or portfolio building).

Different issues are emphasized each year:

– In the first grade, particular emphasis is placed on learning how to learn, developing interpersonal skills and improving the effectiveness of group work;

– The second grade is devoted to the psychology of communication and the development of motivational and intrapersonal intelligence;

– In the third grade, in connection with the final choice of specialization, the Students become familiar with the psychology of abilities (e.g. skills and competences important in business, the media, etc.) and focus on the application of cognitive psychology, attention psychology and creative psychology in order to broaden their own competences;

– In the senior year, we offer Students self-development workshops in the context of their professional interests and preferences for further education.