A Portfolio, prepared each year by each Student, is a collection of documented achievements – designed objects, written computer programs, organized social activities or prizes won in sports competitions.

At Bednarska Szkoła Realna Students take part in various team and individual activities as part of compulsory lessons, as well as after hours. It is worthwhile for them to learn how to document their achievements, both small and huge. They are encouraged to keep track of and register their activities at school, during internships in other institutions, but also, for example, their hobbies. Over the four years they spend in our school, the requirements for the quality of the presentation – the graphic layout, descriptions, photos, files or films – are growing. A personal portfolio should constitute a valuable resource for a graduate of Bednarska Szkoła Realna with which they will enter the labor market. The homeroom teacher is the formal supervisor of the Portfolio.

At the end of the year the Student presents three different elements of his/her Portfolio during a special defense. The details of the system of presentation and evaluation of the Portfolio were developed by a special committee created by the School Democracy Gathering.