Education at a school that wants to call itself realna has to be based on three equally significant pillars:

  1. General education at a good level, preparing the Student for the Matura exams (high school finals in Poland) and possibly for continuing their education at a university;
  2. Vocational training providing the necessary theoretical knowledge and a broad repertoire of specific practical skills useful on the labor market;
  3. Developing interpersonal and organizational abilities, as well as a legal and economic culture, i.e. letting the Student consciously manage him- or herself, regardless of their subsequent professional path: going to the university, taking up professional work or both.

Interdisciplinarity and teamwork

Teaching at Bednarska Szkoła Realna breaks in many aspects with the typical Polish teaching model. We put emphasis on interdisciplinarity and teamwork. Wherever possible, we search for links between the subjects, giving the Students a coherent picture of the world, emphasizing the practical usefulness of science and saving their time by assigning tasks related to different fields within one activity. Student teams carry out tasks of increasing difficulty that require more and more independence in order to break with the individualism present in Polish schools and which has had such a negative impact on the efficiency of their graduates, whether at universities or at work.

Educational profile and cycle

The education cycle at Bednarska Szkoła Realna lasts four years. In addition to the preparation for the matura exam, the Student acquires a solid professional preparation. Bednarska Szkoła Realna implements the core curriculum obligatory for all Polish secondary schools and additionally introduces four original subjects (Portfolio, E2 – Ethics and Effectiveness, Psychology, and Law 101) as well as sets of specialized subjects to be chosen by each Student.

Real knowledge

In the first grade specialized subjects are taken by all the Students, partial selection begins in the second grade while in the third and fourth grades the Students acquire skills within their chosen specialization: Technology and Computer Science, Business and Economics or Arts and Multimedia.

We pay a lot of attention to foreign languages. We assume that the so-called first foreign language (English or German) will be fluent and the second (English, German or Spanish) will be at least at an intermediate level. German is taught in a special mode – preparing for the DSD 2 exam.

We have introduced our own, extensive curriculum about culture in the form of a subject called Culture 2.0. The curriculum, along with the number of hours for all subjects in each class, is presented in the Teaching Framework table.


Our school has several natural partners: universities, various institutions and companies letting our Students complete internships and trainings. They are an integral part of the education system proposed by Bednarska Szkoła Realna.